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Improved Balanced Scorecard

Do you need a new version of the Balanced Scorecard?

Then we have the solution for you!

Improfy offers large companies a unique stategic planning and business improvement solution, which is an improved version of the traditional Balanced Scorecard.

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New Field

New Field

This is how we do it!

1) Communicate what you are trying to accomplish

2) Analyze all vital performance indicators

Process efficiency, cost-effectiveness, sales impact, employee motivation and customer satisfaction.

3) Develop and recommend improvements

Streamline processes, reduce costs, boost sales, motivate employees and improve customer relations.

4) Align the day-to-day work with strategy

5) Monitor progress towards strategic targets

Results guarantee

Having conducted 500 similar projects we can guarantee that we will identify actions that will improve profit with at least 10%.

Time guarantee

Improfy guarantees that you don’t have to put in more than four hours of your time to give us the information we need to design and deliver your project.

Reasonable price

For this 10 month project we charge just $4,850. This price is for any company or organization with 500 – 50 000 employees.

Week 1-2 

1 Company analysis

  • Process analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Employee survey
  • Customer survey

Week 3-4 

2 Project report

  • Process index & actions
  • Cost index & actions
  • Sales index & actions
  • Employee index & actions
  • Customer index & actions

Week 5-20 

3 Implementation

  • Implementation workshops
Selection of streamlining opportunities
  • Action plans and responsibility
Plans and responsibility for each opportunity
  • Monthly status reports
Status reports to the management team


Program License

$995 / annual

  • Full version: DIY package
  • 6 months licence time
  • Coach support – email
  • Technical support – phone
  • 256-bit AES encryptions
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Consulting Service

$2,850 / 5 months

  • Project manager
  • Your time input guarantee: 4 hours
  • Results Guarantee: see above
  • Project time: 20 weeks
  • 256-bit AES encryption
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Consultancy License

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  • Full version of 6 DIY packages
  • 12 months license time
  • Coach support – telephone
  • Technical support – telephone
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What our clients say about us

Turnover: $5.7 billion
Employees: 456
Industry: Appliances

Improfy conducted a company analysis based on input from 270 of our employees and management team. They managed to identify a total of 865 improvements in 10 different areas. We experienced professional response, good communication, and flexibility. The result was carefully analyzed and gave us a broad action portfolio. We are very pleased with the outcome of the project.

We recommend Improfy!

Mats Lindborg
Business Development Northern Europe

Turnover: $7.6 million
Employees: 55
Industry: Food

Improfy has done a performance improvement project and worked with our customers to boost sales and improve customer relations. They involved with 345 customers and managed to identify 56 improvement opportunities.

Improfy not only completed a complete the project in time, work professionally and we are very pleased with the result.

The project has been carried out in a professional manner.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Nicola Mills
Human Resource Manager

Turnover: $1.4 billion
Employees: 650
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Improfy carried out a performance improvement project with the purpose of boost employee satisfaction and thereby increase productivity. Improfy worked with 650 of our employees, in 20 countries and did the analysis in 8 different languages. Improfy recommended 52 improvements.

Improfy has delivered what we wanted throughout the project, on time and demonstrated a very high level of service. They worked with a structured and effective online program.

We highly recommend Improfy to other companies who want to get out more of a management consulting project.

Thomas Holmberg
Human Resource Manager

Turnover: $2.3 million
Employees: 123
Industry: Marketing

Improfy has done a rapid profit boost project with our staff within 8 different departments in two different locations in the UK. Improfy identified 25 actions to streamline processes, reduce costs, boost sales and improve employee motivation.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the project and it has been smooth working and Improfy.

We highly recommend Improfy to other firms!

Cathy Brown
Project partner

Turnover: $740 millin
Employees: 4225
Industry: Air cleaning

Improfy has conducted a financial validation analysis around the world. The project included 46 different subdivisions in 46 different countries. In order to deliver this project, Improfy adjusted their online platform to our specific needs in a most professional way.

The result of the project has been very useful. We are very pleased with how the entire project was managed and executed.

We recommend Improfy to other firms!

Helena Hellqvist
Global Colaboration Manager

Employees: 53
Industry: Export

Improfy has conducted a corporate analyst together with our employees in the Seattle and Chicago office. Improfy managed to identify 61 actions to streamline processes, boost sales, reduce costs, improve customer relations and increase employee motivation.

The result was excellent, we recommend Improfy!

We recommend Improfy!

Adam Jonson
Project Manager

Turnover: $174 million
Employees: 261
Industry: Timber

For the tenth consecutive year, Improfy performed an online project with the object of improving customer relations and thereby increasing sales. The project was conducted with 850 customers in 12 different countries around the world. Improfy managed to identify 105 improvements within the following area: products, sales, logistics, and service.

The project was conducted in a professional manner with the highest level of service.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Johan Hedin
Marketing Director

Turnover: $85 million
Employees: 183
Industry: Manufacturing

We have used Improfy to conduct an online project involving our customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Improfy has managed to identify 141 recommendations to improve customer relations. The improvements were identified within the following areas: products, service, and delivery.

Improfy has been our supplier for 7 conservative years and we are very satisfied. The result is accurate, delivered within deadlines, user-friendly and valuable.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Anna Källström
Marketing Director

Turnover: $4 million
Employees: 35
Industry: Printing

We conducted a very professional and at the same time cost-effective online project. The project involved 352 of our customers in the United Kingdom and Improfy managed to identify 101 improvements to boost customer relations and increase sales.

We are pleased to recommend Improfy!

Brian Shirley
Sales Manager

Turnover: $28.8
Employees: 243
Industry: Printing

We have done an online project with Improfy. The analysis was carried out with 243 employees in 7 different offices in Sweden and resulted in 193 recommendations to improve profitability. The following areas were examined: process efficiency, cost reduction, sales boost and employee satisfaction.

Improfy gave us great service and was very flexible to our needs. We are very pleased with the result of the project.

We recommend Improfy!

Anna Dahl
Human Resource Manager

Turnover: $55 million
Employees: 75
Industry: Finance

Wincor Nixdorf, together with Improfy, successfully performed an online project, in which Improfy analyzed the performance of our AMT machines and payment-systems in 58 different cities around Sweden. Improfy development ideas and recommended 75 valuable improvement suggestions.

The project has been carried out in a professional manner.

We highly recommend Improfy!

We recommend Improfy!

Jimmy Andersson
Manager Service Operations