Rapid Profit Boost


Make a total review of your entire business in only four weeks. With rapid profit boost, a free high-level combination of all Improfy´s five projects, you can identify and implement improvements and boost your profit in no time.

Project overview

Within four weeks you’ll get a benchmark of current financial status, an operational performance review of all key business areas, an improvement portfolio with profit boost opportunities, and finally a future financial estimate based on the profit opportunities.

To ensure your future financial estimate is achieved, we assist you in the implementation process, for another 10 months.

Project time: 4 weeks
4 weeks improvement identification
10 months improvement implementation

Time guarantee: 4 hours
Improfy offers a time guarantee which states that you don’t spend more than 4 hours of your time.

Audit and consulting partners
The project is conducted in cooperation with leading audit and consulting firms.

Project report

Financial Status
The financial benchmark shows your results in comparison to your key competitors over the three last years.

Operational Status
The operational performance review gives you a total status check of all vital parts of your origination, and it is based on new leading-edge performance indicators developed by Improfy.

Improvement Portfolio
The improvement portfolio contains detailed opportunities which show how you can:

…streamline all business processes
…reduce fixed and variable costs
…boost sales
…improve employee motivation
…and increase customer satisfaction

Your first project is always free, book now!

Your first project with us is always free, with no strings attached. This is because we want to prove ourselves to you.

We have already conducted over 400 projects with excellent result for over 100 different clients, and now we want to do the same for you.

If you are happy with your first project and want to do a follow-up or another project, then the project cost is £45 per employee.


Project plan after booked free project

Week 1-2
Business analysis

Improfy will provide a diagnosis that you approve and then send to your employees and customers.

  • Process Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Sales Increase
  • Employee Motivation
  • Customer Satisfaction
Week 3-4
Performance Report

After that, Improfy analyzes the results and conducts a presentation with the entire management team directly online.

Week 5-40

Improfy implements all improvements during 10 months together with your employees. The management receives a status report each month containing:

  • Improvement status
  • End date
  • Person in charge
  • Issues report
  • Next steps

Bosch Siemens Appliances

Turnover: £473.0m
Employees: 258

Mats Lindborg
Business Development Northern Europé

Wincor Nixdorf AB

Turnover: £27.1m
Employees: 47

Jimmy Andersson
Manager Service Operations

AGE Kontor och Data AB

Turnover: £48.4m
Employees: 164

Helena Reinel
Human Resource Manager

Bluestep Bostadslån

Turnover: £9.0m
Employees: 94

Peter Gertman
Operativ Chef