Software and consulting service for managing and boosting performacne of all small businesses


Fortnox, VISMA, Björn Lundén


From £95 /month excluding coach


35,000 users, 500 projects


Result guarantee, time guarantee

Why Improfy’s software and consulting service for small businesses


Show structured leadership


More motivated employees


Boost bottom line result


Stress and low profitability


Disappointed customers 


No structured leadership

You get an operational business plan used to manage and develop the company in a smart way

Operational Business Plan

You get everything you need to lead and develop the company together with your team.






Customer survey






Employee survey

Cooperation with the largest accounting software firms

Thanks to an integration with our partners, all actions are linked to your revenue and costs accounts,
which means that the result becomes part of your company’s actual profit and loss account.

The Balanced Scorecard for Small Businesses

With the software you build a rocket that lifts your company to new heights, this is how it’s done

Steg 1. Vision, strategy, och goals – week 1-2

The vision shows your company’s full potential and outlines where you want your company to fly. The strategy and objectives show how you will steer the rocket.

Steg 2. Improvement portfolio ”rocket fuel” – week 3-4

For the rocket to fly, there must be “fuel” in the form of valuable actions: strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities from a SWOT analysis with the management team as well as all the employees’ own ideas (employee survey) and customers’ recommendations (customer survey).

Steg 3. Implement all actions – week 5 -20

The rocket will never take off unless the actions are implemented in a structured way. Therefore, the software is used to ensure that all measures are carried out in a structured manner.

Developed with successful business leaders

 The program and consulting service contain improvement suggestions from 25 successful business leaders, who founded small businesses and developed them into medium-sized companies.

Tobias Pernvik

Ex. management consult
Ernst & Young
London – New York

Johan Eriksson

Founder and CEO
Restaurant Chain 
37 employees 

Jan Eveborn

Founder and CEO
45 employees

Jan Andersson

Founder and CEO
Trading Company
75 employees

Start your project free of charge 

We help you completely free of charge to develop a vision, strategy and improvement actions to increase profitability. We also carry out a complete customer and employee survey free of charge.

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This is what our customer say about Improfy

“We realized how unstructured and careless we were in taking care of ourselves and our staff. We needed to do something to structure ourselves and were given the opportunity to use Improfy’s program, which I highly recommend.”

Patrik Robertsson
CEO Brynstålet AB

“Improfy’s program has helped us a lot. I recommend that you contact Improfy to formulate your vision together with them and arrive at the right strategy and measures.”

Per Davidson 

“We didn’t have a well-developed structure, most people cut in where it was needed. With Improfy’s program, we set a vision, strategy and received feedback from employees and customers. I recommend Improfy’s program.”

Gustav Engström
Bonsai Consulting AB

Our customers tell us more about Improfy (swedish)

For 15 years, Improfy has developed the program together with 100 different companies, resulting in 85 warm customer recommendations.

Clients case, small firm, 15 employees (swedish)

The real client case shows how you, together with a coach, use the program to lead and develop the company.

Software license

D-I-Y License
You buy a software license that you use to develop the company together with the employees.

Price:  £ 95  per month

Coach support
Support of a project coach with whom you can discuss everything that concerns the program and the project.

Price:  £ 140 per month

Results guarantee
You identify actions that lead to at least a 10% increase in profitability.

Time guarantee
Only 24 hours of your time.

Consulting service

Develop a operation business plan
First, Improfy’s certified consultants carry out the entire project for you for about 4 weeks.

Price:  £ 2 450   

Implement all actions 
You can also hire the consultant to project manage the implementation of all valuable measures.

Price: SEK 245 per month. 

Results guarantee
You identify actions that lead to at least a 20% increase in profitability.

Time guarantee
Only 4 hours of your time.

Licens + coach

Björn Lundén is one of Sweden’s largest software companies that sells accounting software. Björn Lundén distributes all of Improfy’s programs and also our Agency license.

Companies: read more

Consulting licens : read more

Contact us and we’ll tell you more about Improfy’s program

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