Web program & project coach for small, medium-sized, and large companies

A winning concept
During the past 15 years, Improfy has developed a unique cloud-based program that effectively enables the implementation of Digital Management Consulting. This is a winning concept that provides customers with online business development at an attractive price.

The latest AI technology
Improfy’s web program is under constant development, and the latest AI technology is integrated into the program. The new possibilities provided by AI make the web program more competitive than ever.

Satisfied customers
Today, Improfy’s program is used around the globe by companies of varying sizes in a wide range of industries and sectors. Customers receive help in improving their profitability, formulating their goals and then achieving them. Consulting firms also use Improfy’s program to provide their clients with digital business development.

Improfy has carried out more than 500 projects online involving 35,000 users and has been recommended by 85 business leaders. Improfy’s work method is quality assured in collaboration with KPMG and has been presented in leadership books published together with Microsoft and Norstedts Juridik (Wolters Kluwer).

The future is bright
The demand for Digital Management Consulting is growing. Improfy anticipates a very bright future, especially as many smaller companies, which previously did not consider management consulting, are now discovering the major possibilities associated with digital business development. There is also a high level of demand internationally, which means that Improfy has local consultants in New York, London and Sydney who are responsible for developing the company in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

After graduating from Manchester Business School, Tobias Pernvik started working as a management consultant for Ernst & Young in London. His assignment was to help large companies improve their profitability. But after being promoted to the head office in New York, Tobias became frustrated that the large consulting firms weren’t helping smaller companies. He therefore founded Improfy in order to also be able to help and support smaller companies.

The Improfy Group

In under ten years, we built up a very profitable real estate company, Improfy Fastigheter, which administrates and owns rental properties in central Gothenburg and Hovås.

Simultaneously, we financed and developed a web program for business development, which is a part of Improfy Systems.

Financial results in 2020
Revenues: £274 669,29
Results before tax: £122 304,97
Total assets: £110 655 959,80


Improfy Real Estate
Updated 2021-09-30