About Improfy

Management Consulting Online

Improfy performs consultingservices directly online,
totally free of charge for all kinds of businesses, large and small

Improfy has since 2007 conducted over 300 online projects for Scandinavian and global companies. Our clients work in all different industries and their sizes vary from 25 to 25 000 co-workers. We are used to pan-European projects for global clients such Bosch and Siemens, Holmen Timber and Plannja. Our system has been used globally by 35 000 persons in 15 different countries. The cloud solution has been developed by Tobias, Peter and Jakob with MBA degrees from famous universities and practical experience from prestigious consultancy firms Ernst & Young London, Accenture London and Monitor Stockholm (Michael E. Porter HARVARD) The project model is based on internal ideas from all coworkers and external opportunities from Improfy’s knowledge database. The database consists of improvements identified in previous projects and other sources such as the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly. Improfy’s project model has been published as leadership books with project management tools developed in collaboration with Microsoft, by Norstedts Juridik Stockholm and internationally by Kogan Page London.