What our clients say about us

Customer Analysis

2,343 customers in 
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland

Improvements identified


Bosch & Siemens AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Turnover: $570m
Employees: 456
Industry: Appliances

Improfy has done an online project with other customers in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

They analyzed 2 343 customers and presented 248 recommendations to boost sales and improve customer relations, all within the following areas: call centers, order frequency, aftermarket, service, and marketing.

Improfy has been very professional and it´s clear that they have a lot of experience with similar projects.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Mats Lindborg
Business Development Northern Europe

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, costs, sales, emplyoees

270 employees in Sweden

Improvements identified


Office Depot AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Turnover: $100m 
Employees: 274
Industry: Retail

Improfy conducted a company analysis based on input from 270 of our employees and management team. They managed to identify a total of 865 improvements in 10 different areas. We experienced professional response, good communication, and flexibility. The result was carefully analyzed and gave us a broad action portfolio. We are very pleased with the outcome of the project.

We recommend Improfy!

Helena Reinel
Human Resource Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, cost, emplyoees, customers

50 employees in Sweden

Improvements identified


Burde Förlags AB

Växjö, Sweden
Turnover: $19m
Employees: 52
Industry: Publishing

We carried out a very professional business analysis of the entire organization. The project involved 50 employees. Improfy did not only completed the analysis but also reviewed employee feedback and recommended about 31 concrete and valuable actions to reduce cost, increase sales and increase motivation.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Thomas Sigward-Ohlsson
Sales & Marketing Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, cost, sales, emplyoees, customers

125 employees in 
London, United Kingdom

Improvements identified


Marketmakers Ltd

London, United Kingdom
Turnover: $2.3m 
Employees: 123
Industry: Marketing

Improfy has done a rapid profit boost project with our staff within 8 different departments in two different locations in the UK. Improfy identified 25 actions to streamline processes, reduce costs, boost sales and improve employee motivation.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the project and it has been smooth working and Improfy.

We recommend Improfy to other firms!

Cathy Brown
Project Partner

Customer Analysis

239 customers in Sweden

Improvements identified


Dialect Kundservice AB

Malmö, Sweden
Turnover: $41m 
Employees: 331
Industry: Telecom

Together with Improfy we did a customer survey. Improfy developed the questions, analyzed the result and presented a valuable improvement portfolio to the management team.

The project was carried out in a professional manner and was very affordable, therefore we want to recommend Improfy!

Daniel Persson
Operational Manager

Customer Development

435 customers in Sweden

Improvements identified


Elfa Lumi AB

Västervik, Sweden
Turnover: $47.2m 
Employees: 161
Industry: Hardware

Improfy has conducted an online project with the objective of developing our customers relations. The project was fully customized to our needs and therefore we got the most out of the results. Improfy managed to identify 57 actions within the following areas: product development, service and sales team.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Stina Manner
Customer Service Manager

European Customer Analysis

545 customers around Europe

Improvements identified


Gunnebo Industrier AB

Stockholm, Sweden
Turnover: £44.5m 
Employees: 634
Industry: Manufacturing 

Improfy conducted a customer analysis with our customers around Europe. They identified over 100 valuable improvements in 14 different areas. Improfy worked very well to satisfy our needs and our requirements. They were very flexible and provided great quality. The project achieved our expectations and gave us a very useful result.

We are very pleased! We highly recommend Improfy!

Ulla Pihl
Market Support Manager

Global Customer Analysis

12 countries around the world

Improvements identified


Holmen Timber AB

Domsjö, Sweden
Turnover: $174m 
Employees: 261
Industry: Timber

For the tenth consecutive year, Improfy performed an online project with the object of improving customer relations and thereby increasing sales. The project was conducted with 850 customers in 12 different countries around the world. Improfy managed to identify 105 improvements within the following area: products, sales, logistics, and service.

The project was conducted in a professional manner with the highest level of service.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Johan Hedin
Marketing Director

Employee & Customer Analysis

92 employees and
5 645 customers in Sweden

Improvements identified


Mölndal Energi AB

Mölndal, Gothenburg
Turnover: $63.3m 
Employees: 92
Industry: Energy

We did a very professional and at the same time cost-effective online project with Improfy. The purpose of the project was to evaluate employee satisfaction and identify improvements to boost customer relations.

Improfy has not only completed a company analysis but also analyzed 1,000 comments and recommended some 40 very valuable improvement actions in 7 different areas.

We highly recommend Improfy.

Margareta Åkesson
Human Resource Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, costs, sales, emplyoees, customers

Improvements identified


Nolato Cerbo AB

Halmstad, Sweden
Turnover: $220m 
Employees: 4308
Industry: Chemistry

Improfy conducted an online project for Nolato Cerbo AB. The project has been customized to our needs and given us the results we were looking for. The project has gone smoothly from survey to analysis with high and even quality. Improfy managed to identify 41 improvements to boost business performance.

We are very pleased with Improfy professional and flexible work!

Anci Petersson
Sales Manager

Project Scope

Customer Survey Sweden

Improvements identified

Peab Asfalt AB

Malmö, Sweden

Turnover: £11.1m 
Employees: 26
Industry: Construction

The work has been smooth and professional from start to finish. The project included project planning, online analysis, and report production. The platform is easy to understand which has made the project time efficient.

We are very pleased with each step during the project and presentation of the results, so we highly recommend Improfy!

Bengt-Olle Persson
Marketing Director

Customer Analysis

2 450 customers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland

Improvements identified


Plannja AB

Malmö, Sweden
Turnover: $85m 
Employees: 183
Industry: Manufacturing

We have used Improfy to conduct an online project involving our customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Improfy has managed to identify 141 recommendations to improve customer relations. The improvements were identified within the following areas: products, service, and delivery.

Improfy has been our supplier for 7 conservative years and we are very satisfied. The result is accurate, delivered within deadlines, user-friendly and valuable.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Anna Källström
Marketing Manager

Global Corporate Analysis

650 employees in 20 different countries, 8 different languages

Improvements identified


Q-Med AB

Uppsala, Sweden
Turnover: $1.4 billion 
Employees: 650
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Improfy carried out a performance improvement project with the purpose of boost employee satisfaction and thereby increase productivity. Improfy worked with 650 of our employees, in 20 countries and did the analysis in 8 different languages. Improfy recommended 52 improvements.

Improfy has delivered what we wanted throughout the project, on time and demonstrated a very high level of service. They worked with a structured and effective online program.

We highly recommend Improfy to other companies who want to get out more of a management consulting project.

Thomas Holmberg
Human Resource Manager

Service Improvement Analysis

58 different cities in Sweden

Improvements identified

Wincor Nixdorf AB

Stockholm, Sweden
Turnover: $55m 
Employees: 75
Industry: Finance

Wincor Nixdorf, together with Improfy, successfully performed an online project, in which Improfy analyzed the performance of our AMT machines and payment-systems in 58 different cities around Sweden. Improfy development ideas and recommended 75 valuable improvement suggestions.

The project has been carried out in a professional manner.

We highly recommend Improfy!

Jimmy Andersson
Manager Service Operations

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, costs, sales, emplyoees, customers

Improvements identified


Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB

Malmö, Sweden

Turnover: $300
Employees: 204
Industry: Properties

Improfy made an online project for us at Wihlborgs. We received a comprehensive analysis that has been designed to suit our workplace and the result generated a significant number of good and actionable suggestions. Improfy works consistently with high standards and delivers what the customer expects. We highly recommend Improfy!

Britta Nordin
Human Resource Manager

Employee & Customer Analysis

540 employees & 1 232 customers

Improvements identified


Aditro Logistics AB

Borås, Sweden

Turnover:  $88m
Employees: 546
Industry: logistics

Improfy worked professionally, offered a high level of service and was very flexible to our needs. We are very pleased with the implementation of the entire project.
We can really recommend Improfy!

Kenny Rutgersson
Sales Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, costs, sales, emplyoees, customers

Improvements identified


Glasfiber Plastprodukter AB

Kungsbacka, Sweden

Turnover:   $38m
Employees: 64

Improfy has performed a very successful employee survey for us. Improfy created an online survey based on our wishes, conducted the survey with us and analysed the results. Improfy has worked smoothly and professionally from start to finish and high service sense. We can really recommend Improfy!

Petra Carnbäck
Marketing Director

Customer Analysis

1 345 customer in Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Improvements identified


Be-ge Industri AB

Oskarshamn, Sweden
Turnover: $24m
Employees: 285

Improfy helped us implement an affordable online project in a professional way. Improfy was very responsive and designed the survey according to our specifications, which resulted in a very well-accomplished online project. We can really recommend Improfy!

Ulf Krause
Marketing Director

Employee Survey

100 Employees in Sweden

Improvements identified


SMA Mineral AB

Filipstad, Sweden

Turnover: $1243
Employees: 185

At a very competitive price, we received a complete survey prepared according to our specifications. The result was thoroughly analysed and we received a comprehensive action plan that gives us the opportunity to continue working with the material. The work has been carried out professionally and we look forward to future cooperation. We highly recommend Improfy!

Niclas Eriksson
Human Resource Manager

Customer Analysis

1 345 customers in Sweden
amd Denmark


Enertech AB

Ljung, Sweden
Turnover: £80.5m  
Employees: 408

We have carried out a very professional and at the same time affordable project. Improfy has not only conducted an online analysis but also evaluated customer feedback and recommended many valuable action proposals. We highly recommend Improfy!

Dennis Eliasson
General Manager

Pan-European Customer Analysis

3450 custumers in
8 European contries

Improvements identified

Fagersta Stainless AB

Fagersta, Sweden

Fagersta Stainless AB, together with Improfy, has implemented a complete online project, in which Improfy analysed customer feedback and recommended valuable action proposals. The project has been carried out in a very professional way and was very affordable. We genuinely recommend Improfy!

Per Bodén
Marketing Director

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, costs, sales, emplyoees, customers

Improvements identified


Arise Windpower AB

Halmstad, Sweden

Turnover:   $45m
Employees: 26

For the second year in a row, we have used Improfy to carry out our employee survey. Improfy was very professional and responsive and delivered a great project. We are very pleased with the year’s results. The suggestions that was prepared for us were concrete and very useful. We highly recommend Improfy!

Bibbi Franzén
Head of Information

Rapdi Profit Boost
Processes, costs, sales, emplyoees

124 employees in Sweden

Improvements identified

Liber Distribution AB

Stockholm, Sweden
Turnover: £23m 
Employees: 198
Industry: publishing

We conducted a qualitative and affordable employee survey together with Improfy. We are very pleased with the entire process. Improfys worked very professionally and provided a great service with a high level of involvement. We highly recommend Improfy!

Eric Gross
Human Resource Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, cost, sales emplyoees, customers

Improvements identified


Örebrobostäder AB

Örebro, Sweden

Turnover: $12m
Employees: 120

Improfy managed an online project for us at ÖBO. We got Improfy because their system is very easy to use. The project has been well implemented and it has met our expectations. We have been treated very well throughout the project. We want to highly recommend Improfy.

Ingrid Gustavsson
Human Resource Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, cost, sales emplyoees, customers


Qall Telecom AB

Nacka, Sweden

Turnover: $12m
Employees: 67

Improfy has helped us carry out an employee survey at a competitive price. The project included the preparation of questionnaires, conducting research, analysis and presentation of results. We are very pleased with our cooperation and the service Improfy provided. We highly recommend Improfy.

Jonas Lindgren

Customer Analysis

256 customers in Sweden



Bröderna Nelson AB

Tingsryd, Sweden
Turnover: $16,7m
Employees: 79
Industry: Wholesale

We carried out a professional and affordable customer relations project together with Improfy. Improfy not only conducted the project according to our exceptions, but also analysed all customer ideas and recommended some 133 concrete and relevant development opportunities within the following areas: products, sales, service and pricing.

We recommend Improfy!

Olle Hult
Sales & Marketing Manager

Rapid Profit Boost
Processes, cost, sales emplyoees, customers

Improvements identified


Netrelations AB

Göteborg, Sweden
Turnover: $10m
Employees: 80
Industry: Software Development

We wanted a project delivered in a very short time and Improfy still delivered a high quality result. We received a survey with extensive questionnaires, which resulted in an in-depth analysis presented in the form of a response portfolio. Improfy worked flexibly, professionally and we are very pleased with the project. In short, we can really recommend Improfy!

Jan Kjellberg