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Check out the video to see how to use the program and conduct a customer survey online via SMS or phone.


Customer-adapted survey


Measures for improving customer relations


Our coach who assists you in carrying out all the measures

Medarbetarnas Idéer

Åtgärderna bygger på tips och idéer från alla medarbetarna.

Harvard Business Review

Åtgärderna bygger på koncept från Harvard Business Review.


Åtgärderna bygger på beprövade managementmodeller.

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Project coach

Purchase our 6-month license, and our coach will work with you for 20 weeks (valid until June 31, 2022).


We value your time

During the first three weeks or less, you’ll spend only 8 hours of your time.


Guaranteed Results

With 500+ successful projects behind us, we can guarantee you’ll increase profitability by 15% or more.

Some of the world’s leading companies use Improfy

You will get everything you need to to improve customer relations


Online or via phone, with questions adapted to your needs

Customer Satisfaction Index

A comparison with other companies within your industry

Portfolio Improvement

Tangible measures for improving customer relations and sales processes, coupled with clear goals, action plans, and responsible persons

Better customer relations

A clear picture showing improvements after measures implementation and the necessary budget

Here’s how it works

Project start – Week 1

Our project coach prepares survey questions and develops a project plan. Then, you provide feedback on questions and upload your customers’ email addresses.

Customer survey – week 2

Customers answer questions and show how satisfied they are. They’ll help you identify specific areas to improve customer relations and, thereby, increase sales.

Project report – week 3

Our project coach develops a customer satisfaction index, showing how satisfied customers are. The report shows results from each location. You’ll get a comprehensive improvements portfolio together with a detailed action plan.

Implementation – week 4

We will work together for 5 months to implement all the improvements, ensuring customer relations and sales continue to improve.

Week 1

Project start

The Project Coach starts the project by preparing the survey questions and a project plan. All you have to do is to provide feedback on the survey questions and upload your clients email addresses.

Week 2

Customer survey

The customers answer questions that will show how satisfied they are. Concurrently, they will help you identify specific areas where you can improve your customer relations and thereby also increase sales.

Week 3

Project report

The Project Coach develops a report that shows how satisfied customers are in the the format of a Customer Satisfaction Index. The reports also show results from each location and managers get their own login.

A comprehensive portfolio of improvements will be presented which are accompanied by detailed action plans.

Week 4

Implementing the improvements

Together with the Project Coach and employees, the work continues for another 5 months to ensure that all improvements are implemented. This will also ensure that the customer relations and sales will continue to improve.

Licence & coach

Price: £385.00/month

  • We offer a 6-month subscription for a total price of £2 310, including a license for our online program and support from an experienced project coach.
  • We will invoice 50% of the license fee after week 3 once we fulfill the guarantees and the remaining 50% after completing the project.

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