Let us help you produce your business plan

Together with an experienced coach, you produce a digital business plan that you can present to your bank or other companies and organisations.

Price from $19/month

For start-ups in all industries and sectors

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Why choose Improfy?

Web program for business plan

An easy-to-use, effective web program for producing a professional business plan.

Support from an experienced coach

A coach helps you produce the perfect business plan for your specific company.

ChatGPT-4 action database

The program retrieves the best actions from ChatGPT-4 directly in real time.

Guarantee – 10 hours working time

We guarantee that you will not need to spend more than 10 hours on producing your business plan.

You get everything you need to create a professional businessplan

You draw up a business plan that contains the following parts:




Competitive analysis


Capital requirements


Performance budget


Sales plan


IT system





You also identify and document the actions you need to take in order for your business plan to lead to a successful business.


Create the business plan

To create a professional business plan, you start by using the program, where together with your experienced coach you develop a complete business plan that includes all the important parts. At the same time, you use Improfy´s large measure data to identify relevant measures for your industry. By using ChatGPT you can receive action recommendations in real time.


Present the business plan

After drawing up the business plan, you present it digitally to the bank. You demonstrate that you have carefully thought through your business idea and that you, together with your experienced coach, have developed a profitable plan for your company. You also have the option of including your coach in a digital meeting with the bank. In addition, you present concrete measures to establish and run the company during the first year.


Status reports & follow-up

To show the bank that you are in control of your actions, you use a digital platform where you regularly update the status of each action. This gives the bank the opportunity to follow your company’s development in real time and ensure that you really implement what you have promised in your business plan. Every month, the program automatically sends status reports to the bank.

Try the program completely free of charge for 14 days!

You produce your business plan together with a coach. You can then choose to use the program for $19/month.

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Successful business leaders help you succeed!

Tobias Pernvik

Former business consultant
Ernst & Young
London – New York

Johan Kylfält

Founder and restaurateur
37 employees

Jan Andersson

Founder & CEO
Trading company
75 employees

Marcus Nordvall

Founder & CEO
Dental company
145 employees

Customers love Improfy’s web application!

Per Davidson


”Improfy’s program has helped us a lot. I recommend that you contact Improfy to formulate your vision together with them and arrive at the right strategy and measures.”

Gustav Engström

”We didn’t have a well-developed structure, most people cut in where it was needed. With Improfy’s program, we set a vision, strategy and received feedback from employees and customers. I recommend Improfy’s program.”

Patrik Robertsson

”We realized how unstructured and careless we were in taking care of ourselves and our staff. We needed to do something to structure ourselves and were given the opportunity to use Improfy’s program, which I highly recommend.”

What suits your company best?

Program license

Do-It-Yourself License
You buy a program license and use it to produce your business plan.

Price: SEK 195/month.

Support from an experienced coach
Would you like support from a coach? You can choose this as an optional extra. With the Coach option, you can discuss everything concerning the program and your business plan with your coach.

Price: SEK 1450 EUR/month.

Results guarantee
You identify measures that lead to at least 10% increased profitability.

Time guarantee
Only 24 hours of your time.

Consulting service

Consultants do the job
mprofy’s consultants help you produce your business plan. Time: about 4 weeks.

Price:  SEK 9,500

Implement all actions
You can then choose to engage the services of our consultants for project management in relation to the implementation of all valuable actions.

Price:  SEK 955/month. 

Results guarantee
You identify measures that lead to at least a 20% increase in profitability.

Time guarantee
Only 4 hours of your time.


Björn Lundén is one of Sweden’s largest software companies that sells accounting software. Björn Lundén is a reseller of all of Improfy’s programs and also our Agency license.

Buy a software license or book a project with Improfy today!

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Buy a software license or book a project with Improfy today!

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