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Do you also want to increase revenue and offer your clients business development online?


Price from $85/month


85 personal references


35,000 users


500 projects over 15 years

Why Improfy’s Business Development Advisory Tool?


Simple and effective tools


Marketing materials


Support from experienced coach


Increase agency revenue


Fun and efficient model


Use existing resources


Counseling tools


Marketing materials


Support from experienced coach

You get smart tools to implement projects in business development.

Business plan

Digital business plan for managing and developing smaller businesses.

Process efficiency

Map and streamline the company’s processes.

Cost Reduction

Reduce the company’s fixed and variable costs.

Sales increase

Increase sales to existing customers and find new ones.

Balanced Scorecard

Updated and smarter
version of traditional model.

Business plan

Start your own business in a professional and structured way.

Employee motivation

Professional and customized employee survey.

Improved profitability

Increase the company’s profitability together with the employees.

Customer survey

Professional and customized
customer survey.

You also get everything you need to sell projects in business development.

Web page

You get a web page that you can use to tell your customers how you carry out the projects.

Demo project

You get access to 8 different demo projects that you can show as examples when selling to new customers.

Project coach

You implement and sell your first three projects together with an experienced project coach from Improfy. 

Try completely free for 30 days

Together with a coach, you develop a complete business plan. After that, you can choose to use the program for $95/month.

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Customers love working with Improfy

”I can warmly recommend Improfy’s program. It is both very effective and easy to use. Throughout the collaboration I have received fantastic support from Improfys, both when we developed a business plan for my agency and during the sales process to process my existing clients. I really look forward to continuing to use the program and benefit from Improfy’s expertise. Thank you Improfys
for a great advisory tool”

Mikael Nordgren

”I have recently completed a certification with Improfy and I am very happy with the results. The program is both fun and easy to work with, and I have learned a lot from the methodology that Improfy uses. I now feel confident in my ability to complete projects in business development and to use Improfy’s advisory tool as a support in my future projects. I can really recommend Improfy’s advisory tool to anyone who wants a reliable and efficient method to carry out business development projects. Thank you Improfy!”

Ann Attehag

”I have used Improfy’s program for one of my clients and am very satisfied with the result. The program has helped me get a clear picture of my client’s situation and I was able to clarify the company’s future potential in a simple and effective way. My client was also very happy with the result. I see great potential in
the program and look forward to continuing to use it to help my clients move forward.”

Mikael Nordgren

Retailer & pricing model

Björn Lundén is one of Sweden’s largest broadcasting companies and is Improfy’s dealer in Sweden.

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Pricing model

$85/month per customer project

Starting fee: $485

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